This pandemic changed our lives in a snap. Job loss, bankruptcy- striving harder to survive the daily needs. Some just made a fortune out of thE pandemic. Due to the limited services and job offers most of us took advantage of the online world to find suitable tasks or projects that we can work on at home, yes, work from home. One of the markets that is trendy lately is the real estate market. Are you as surprised as I am? How? But this is a pandemic, who would be willing to pour money on housing?


things we would want to purchase these days are either_ very important or necessities and a comfortable home is a total must! there’s nothing amazing than owning a space you can call your own and since this pandemic struck us all, most of us were working at home. suburbs are really trendy even before the pandemic and lots of people are choosing suburban spaces, good commodities, and most of all affordable. most sellers took advantage of these opportunities since it is highly in demand. rent-to-own spaces are trendy even before but this is also getting more attention as not all of us can pay for a house we want, there are so many bills to pay and we have to be tight on budgeting our money and start being smart using it. now renting is no longer going to be annoying, knowing you’ll someday own it is a different kind of motivation.

the pricing competition

if everyone will go look for something they can only afford or is enough for their desired budget, then that’ll be bad for some housing corporations, right? now, what’s interesting about that? well, the offers and how low they can go just to at least compete with what’s in, in the real state market. buyers and sellers would take advantage of this as this is a good thing for buyers- and a whole new fortune for sellers. imagine purchasing a house and reselling it at a higher price? this is the jack of all trades doing everything to earn more. even the rental houses and spaces are trying to decrease their fares to attract guests and tenants. we’re in a society where we need to compete to survive, earn and live. campaigning our ads on our social media is a thing now too! not just for the old kinds of stuff or some things but yes, even the real estate world enters the online realm. maybe not new, but this is something that interests most buyers too since we can’t really just go out and socialize or if we’re too iffy to go out then the virtual open house tour is for you! saves you time driving and is much safer.

the bottom line

we’ve been tested to our cores and it somehow changes our aspects and our spending-the-money habits. the developments going on in this market make the people invest for the better and smarter. it wasn’t easy for everyone and some just found their gems through this tough time. now if you were to spend the money, do you think it’ll also go to real estate? investment? investing in the real state? for your own housing assurance or to secure your generation’s future home? does it actually matter? yes, it does matter, regardless of how and what you wanted to do with it; it’s one of the finest investments. give yourself something you can call home sweet home.